Hi there, I’m Nguyen Giap Hong or Hong Nguyen.

I love building great products to solve real world problems.

My last company was Tiki, one of the top e-commerce sites in Vietnam with 10M MAU. I’m proud that I helped build a team consists of great people there. We’ve built one of the first mini-app platforms in Vietnam, Tini App. The platform is very complex with many parts integrated with Tiki systems such as authorization, payment, logistics, operation, seller center…

While working there, I also involved in building the foundation of Social Commerce Platform and Ticketbox Movie Ticketing. In addition, I managed two Hackathon projects for internal teams and public to promote Tini App Platform.

Before Tiki, I was a Technical Program Manager of Wecash, a fintech startup that applying Big Data and Machine Learning to credit scoring and lending. I managed a program to launch Wecash Vietnam in 6 months with the support from cross-regional teams across Vietnam, China, Singapore, Indonesia and India.

Further back, I started my career as Project Manager in Silicon Straits Saigon, then Naughty Vision (founded by a few members of SSS). I deliverd several digital projects in education, logistics and healthcare.

Off work, I love reading and learning new things, especially about technology. Sometimes I spend time working on some side projects such as my own home server, this blog and my Obsidian folder (I love organizing stuff). I also love playing video games and traveling.

You can contact me via my email: [email protected].